DFI Malawi

Export Development Fund (EDF), Malawi


Export Development Fund’s origins go back to the year 2012 when it was registered and incorporated as a private Limited Company on 8th February. The Fund was established out of the desire by various key stakeholders i.e. domestic banks, government, private sector and various business organizations and associations to turn the various export generations and diversification ideas into viable export businesses and industries.

Functions, Products and Services

Export Development Fund (EDF) is a development financial institution (DFI) whose major objective is to increase the productive potential of the country through provision of finance, equity participation, performance bonds or guarantees, and advisory service for the set up, expansion and modernization of viable enterprises in the medium and large scale enterprises sector. The Fund aims to ensure that Malawi’s vast export potential and business opportunities are exploited in order to generate foreign exchange for the country... Read More.