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loans are amongst current challenges of most financial institutions and has accounted for the failure of many.  Most often, bad debts have their roots in flagrant abuse of credit /loan policies and poor analytical skills of some lending officers. Thus, sanctioning a performing loan or credit depends on strict adherence to good loan policies and procedures, and the character of the lending professionals among others.

The programme was attended by thirty one (31) participants from eight (8) member network DFIs in the region and four (4) countries across the SADC region were represented.  Countries represented were Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis

10th - 14th November 2014, Pretoria, South Africa
3rd - 7th November 2014, Pretoria, South Africa

The Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa requested the DFRC once again to provide trainings to their members of staff in core skills of Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis. These included developing skills to plan and assess investment projects, redesigning projects to add value, preparing project financing agreements and addressing stakeholders concerns.

The programmes covered modern techniques of finance, financial modelling, applied economic analysis, risk analysis and risk management as they are applied to the appraisal of infrastructure projects.

The first programme was attended by twenty five (25) delegates of which nineteen (19) were from the Department of Trade and Industry and six (6) from Development Finance Institutions and Government Institutions in South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia, while the send one was attended by thirty (30) delegates of which twenty two (22) were from the Department of Trade and Industry and eight (8) from Development Finance Institutions and Government Institutions in South Africa, Botswana Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Strengthening Project Value Chain for DFIs

14th October - 1st November 2014, Tokyo, Japan

The programme was fully sponsored by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and was held at JICA Tokyo International Centre in Tokyo, Japan.

The objective of this programme was to enhance knowledge of appropriate governance (especially of relationships with government), effective resource mobilization and management of long-term capital as well as applicable and effective concepts, individual contents and mutual relationships of project value chain based on accumulated experience in the process of economic and industrial development in Japan and Asian countries.

The workshop was also aimed at identifying, through discussions and surveys, the major challenges and priorities of participating institutions.

Fourteen (14) participants from SADC attended the workshop, of whom eleven (11) were drawn from SADC DFIs.

Customer Relations

20th - 22nd October 2014, Windhoek, Namibia

Commercial financial institutions are now entering traditional development finance markets as competitors that can be expected to approach their